how to style satin

How To Style Satin

How to style satin

Satin is no longer only reserved for nights out and the catwalk. We’re all about getting the most out of your clothes here at The Nuevo Edit, and limiting an outfit to just one occasion isn’t economical for the budget or environment. 
We believe that while satin is a luxe fabric, it can be dressed down with jeans and trainers, or dressed up ready for a bottomless brunch. Or - you can find somewhere in between, so your satin outfit is perfect for a lunch date or even a day at the office.
Satin is for all seasons too. Keeping you cool in the summer months and making for a perfect, chic layering item in the winter. 
In this blog, we are going to let you into our secrets for how to style satin so you can get the most out of your clothes. You’ll feel fantastic at any occasion and during every season when you know how to style satin outfits. 

How to style a satin blouse?

A satin blouse can be very flattering to your figure, particularly when it is loose fitting and longline or ties at the waist.
We love the combo of a satin shirt with high waisted, flared jeans. This makes for a perfect smart casual outfit. When paired with heels it works perfectly for a brunch date or sunday lunch at the local pub. 
If you are looking for an outfit for a night out, try pairing the satin blouse from our satin sage coord set with a pair of high waisted white trousers and heels. You’ll certainly turn heads! 

How to wear satin trousers?

satin trousers 
Satin trousers can be dressed up or down. Pair with a white knit crop top for the ultimate lunch date outfit, or an oversized knit for a classy, but cosy look - not to mention comfy! 
Satin trousers can also be paired with a satin co ord blouse. We love not only how this co-ord looks, but how it feels too.

How do you dress down satin?

style a satin midi skirt
You might look at the satin outfits in your wardrobe and think there is no hope for dressing them down. They are made for after 8 pm. But, stay with us. That satin slip dress you have had in your wardrobe for 5 years with no occasion to wear it could be your new casual outfit just by layering.
Try adding a t-shirt tied at the waist, an oversized knit, or a denim shirt over the top of the satin dress. Bringing layers to the outfit will help to create a casual tone to your previously fancy style.
The same can be said for satin trousers and shirts. You just need to look at how you can style them with other fabrics and pieces in your wardrobe. Get creative! 
How do you style satin for the spring?
Satin is a great option for those warmer spring days. To style satin for the spring we love the sage satin co ord with a blazer draped over the shoulders. 
When it comes to styling satin for the spring months, think of layers and how you can incorporate other fabrics and textures into your outfit. High waisted jeans with a long sleeved satin blouse is always a winner for the spring. 

Wrap up - How to style satin  

  1. Consider different layers to dress down your outfit
  2. Add other fabrics to your outfit, such as denim, leather and knitwear
  3. Drape a blazer over your shoulders for a smart meets casual style
  4. Pair satin trousers with cropped knits
  5. Team up a satin blouse with high waisted jeans
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