What to wear on a first date (or any date!)

What to wear on a first date (or any date!)



Lockdown is lifting, the rules are changing and this means - dating is back! 

If you’ve been living in your loungewear since 2020 then you might find yourself stuck with what to wear when it comes to real life clothes. Let alone on a date.

Then you get a match on Tinder and it’s go time. 

If you are worried about what to wear on a first date, or even just your first date in a while, we have your back. We share our go to outfit combos for any type of date. 

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What to wear on a first date walk

If your date has suggested a walk, make sure you know what kind of walk you are going on. Down in the local park outfit will be very different to an off road, muddy, trail walk outfit. 

If it’s a local park walk with a takeaway coffee then you want to keep your outfit casual while still making some effort. Think trainers or boots with high waisted jeans and a jumper or a casual midi skirt or dress. 

If the walk is an off road, trail walk then it is time to dig out the walking boots! 

What to wear on a first date dinner

Confidence is everything when it comes to dressing for a first date. If you feel good in what you wear, you’ll look good too.

If you are looking for what to wear on a first date to dinner, then you need to scope out the restaurant. Not only is it nice to check the menu to get an idea of what you’ll be having, but also to get a feel for the tone of the restaurant. 

Dinner can quite easily spill into drinks, all being well. So you want to be ready for anything! 

For a dinner date and drinks we love a co-ord. Try our cream or black pleated co-ord for a classy and sophisticated look. The material feels fantastic on your skin and it is a dream to wear. 

Last thing you want is something uncomfortable that you are pulling at and adjusting all through dinner! 


What to wear on a first date coffee

A coffee date is a great way to get to know someone without too much time commitment. However, just because you are only there an hour it doesn’t mean you don’t want to look the part. 

Try our cream runched top with high waisted mom jeans. Looks great with heeled mules or trainers for a more casual look. Add a blazer on the colder days. 

What to wear on a first date drinks

Going out for drinks? Now is the time to wear the sage satin co-ord. We LOVE this new piece. It is an outfit that accentuates the waist with a tie, and elongates the legs with the high leg, wide trouser.

You can even wear the items of the co-ord separately. Try teaming the trousers with a runched crop top and the shirt with flared jeans. This co-ord will open up so many other options for what to wear on a first date, second date and beyond! 

What to wear on a first date?

When you are getting dressed for your first date, try not to over think it too much. Choose an outfit that YOU love and YOU feel fantastic in. 

When you walts in wearing something that makes you feel great you will exude confidence.

Remember, confidence is a very attractive trait in a partner! 

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