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Timeless Style Secrets

  What is Timeless Style?   Timeless style is a look that is built to last. It doesn’t have to be the latest trend to look gorgeous. It is a style made up of simple, classic and essential pieces that never go out of fashion.   Adopt this style and when you look back at photos you won’t cringe at how you followed the fashion trend. Instead you will admire how sophisticated and stylish you look. Not only that, but this way of shopping is more sustainable as you are buying quality, and needing to shop less often.    To create a timeless style you will want to think about a capsule wardrobe. This means you select a few high...

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How To Style Satin

How to style satin Satin is no longer only reserved for nights out and the catwalk. We’re all about getting the most out of your clothes here at The Nuevo Edit, and limiting an outfit to just one occasion isn’t economical for the budget or environment.    We believe that while satin is a luxe fabric, it can be dressed down with jeans and trainers, or dressed up ready for a bottomless brunch. Or - you can find somewhere in between, so your satin outfit is perfect for a lunch date or even a day at the office.   Satin is for all seasons too. Keeping you cool in the summer months and making for a perfect, chic layering item...

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