How to Wear Brown

How to Wear Brown

Chocolate brown is the colour to have in your autumn winter wardrobe. It is a versatile colour that we think is quickly becoming the new back. From chocolate brown to camel brown, we have seen celebs and fashion icons indulging in this colour as it makes its come back.

You might not have thought of wearing this shade since the 90’s and be left wondering how to wear brown. You’ve probably got questions like, is brown in fashion? What colours go with brown? What celebs are wearing brown?

We’re going to cover all of this and show you a must-have brown item for your autumn winter wardrobe that will work well into the spring and beyond. 

Is brown coming back in fashion? 

Brown has been long overlooked in favour of navy, grey and black. But, brown no longer takes a backseat.

Thanks to the Kardashians and influencers Chiara Ferragni and Estelle Chemouny flashing their brown outfits on Insta - brown is the look of the season.

What colour goes with chocolate brown? 

What’s great about brown as a base is that so many colours go with it. The natural and earthy tone works well with colours of a similar pallet as well as blues and lighter shades such as creams and soft pinks. 

The neutral tones of this colour mean that it can be styled with so many colours. Try it with shades of green and blue. Pair it with tan and dark neutrals. You should explore different textures and fabrics too. Think brown leather, brown knitwear and brown satin for a super chic style. 

Can blondes wear brown?

Chocolate and dark brown tones look absolutely stunning against blonde hair. You can see our blonde model in our chocolate satin co-ord below to see for yourself.

Can brunettes wear brown?

Brunettes look fabulous in dark chocolate, creamy lighter brown tones and reddish browns. These autumnal colours mix well with green, cream and orange. 

Brown outfit - Must have 

We have just launched our brand new satin chocolate trousers and chocolate satin shirt. The fabric, elasticated waist and pockets make this a super comfortable, yet chic outfit. 

You can wear this as a coord, or pair the button down, collared shirt with a pair of black leather trousers. Or pair the high waisted trousers with a cropped top and open shirt for a day at the beach. 

Our satin chocolate trousers and shirt are going to see you through all seasons and occasions. With just a few adjustments and by mixing up what you pair the outfit with you will easily get lots of life out of this.

Time to shop!

Who is wearing brown?

In case you need some more convincing on how chocolate brown is the colour of the season, we have rounded up a few celebs who are looking fantastic in brown. 

Sara Escudero

Negin Mirsalehi

Kim Kardashian 

Gala Gonzalez

Mimi Elashiry

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