Inspiration and Passion | Behind the Brand

Inspiration and Passion | Behind the Brand

With new designs set to launch soon, it felt about the right time to tell you a little more about The Nuevo Edit.

In this interview, we share the story behind our inspiration, passion and design process.

Can you tell us a little more about the brand?

We’re two friends who are borderline shopaholics. During the first lockdown were furloughed with a threat of redundancy, with Fran as an air stewardess and Laura as a mortgage advisor. We decided to take control of our own future and launch a clothing business with clothes that we would wear, at affordable price points.

We launched on 14th August 2020 and have since both returned to work full time and are running The Nuevo Edit on the side. The dream is to be able to quit our day jobs and the brand be our sole income.

We are LOVING building the business and designing pieces. Seeing influencers and our customers wearing our items makes us so happy, and every sale makes us do a little dance!

Have you always had a passion for fashion?


We’ve always loved fashion. Between us the amount of money we have spent in Zara is no doubt obscene!

Out of all of our friendship group, we definitely have the most similar taste. We were always turning up to social events and one of us would say ‘I’ve got that!’ Fortunately, we’ve never turned up in the same look, but it’s only a matter of time!

The next pieces are coming out soon, can you tell us a little more about them?

Well first of all, WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THEM.

They are still our signature neutral palette, making all of the pieces wearable, but think summer versions of our classic co-ords, summer dresses and super soft fabric.

As always, we focus on designing pieces that have multiple outfit options. This way our customer is getting more for their money with multiple looks and timeless style.

When will we see the new designs on the website?

The beginning of May 2021 we will have the first of our new pieces launched, based on the rest of the manufacturing we’re looking at a month from then for the other styles. Our customers will be ready for the summer and hopefully their foreign holidays, that’s for sure!

Tell us about the design process you go through when creating new items

First thing we do is create mood-boards. Pinterest is our best friend, as well as pieces we already have in our wardrobes.

With us both having the same taste in fashion and knowing exactly what we would wear, the process of designing isn’t that long as we can picture exactly what we want.

Fran will sketch it out on paper and we will work with our manufacturer to make it come to life. After adjustments are made to the sample piece it is on to production.

The best feeling ever is when that delivery arrives and we can feel the final product in our hands!

What inspires you and your designs?

We inspire each other!

As we’re both working full time, we know that when we do get the opportunity to go out we want our outfits to make a statement but be classic and timeless. However, we don’t want to spend hours online looking for something to wear. 

With the pieces we make, we want to be able to wear our co-ords in different ways to take away that stress.

Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration, we see a lot of trend-led fashion on Instagram and some of the pieces are beautiful, but if we won’t wear it next season, or next year then it’s just not for us!

Comfort is key, so the materials we use have to be perfect and the neutral palette just looks so so chic!

What will you be wearing to brunch this spring?

All of our co-ords! Our Sage Satin Co-ord is perfect for the more glam look. Our Pleated Co-ords can be dressed up with heels, or the shirts worn with jeans and heels with a blazer shrugged over the shoulders for a more casual brunch look. Our newest Co-ord launching in May will also be a perfect look for brunch with the girls, so stay tuned!

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